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Why Shaun Stafford chooses FFF

“FFF is a service that not only makes it easier to stay in shape whilst leading a very busy life, it also saves me valuable time that I put back into things that are really important to me: my family, my friends, my business and my training!”

Shaun Stafford

World Fitness Model, Business Owner & Dad

Shaun is an international cover-model, two-time WBFF World Fitness Model Champion, and ON Global Spokesmodel. He is based in Central London where he is owner-operator of City Athletic Performance Gym. Shaun also has over 10 years experience working with athletes, celebrities and health club members and has written and featured in magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Ultra-fit Magazine.

Fresh Fitness Food has been Shaun’s preferred source of nutrition and fuel for over three years. FFF is his secret weapon when preparing for a show or shoot to ensure that he is being taken care of macro for macro. It also allows him to keep an element of balance in his life between fitness, work and family. Perfectly tailoring his diet to his needs, Fresh Fitness Food provides Shaun with either the Competition Preparation package or the Muscle Gain package depending on his regime and goals.


Read more about Shaun and his gym City Athletic.

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