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“I have been using Fresh Fitness Food for several years now, not only do they satisfy my palate and my desire for good food, but also back up all the work that I am putting in the gym with solid quality nutrition.”

Shaun Stafford

Founder and Director, City Athletic

“I really cannot recommend the service more highly - I have a lot of life I want to live, I want to feel energised and healthy and I do not want to spend it in the kitchen!”

Heloise Nangle

Director of Partnerships, Athlo

“Fresh Fitness Food is by far the freshest and tastiest meals I have ever tried. Also having them provide the exact macros I need makes it a no brainer.”

Zack George

CrossFit Athlete and Gym Owner

“Using Fresh Fitness Food is the best decision I ever made. I would never be able to match the variety and flavours you get each day without spending hours in my kitchen. Eating well has never been so easy (and delicious!) ”

Ugo Monye

Broadcaster and Ex England Rugby Player

“Fresh Fitness Food is what gets me up in the morning. It feels like Christmas when we wake up. I do not think I have ever eaten this well so consistently with so much variety.”

Ben Gregory & Naomi Heffernan

Fitness Instructors

“I have lost 8kg of fat and gained muscle. I am fitting into clothes I have not worn in 9 years.”

Belinda Jones

HR Professional

“The most important benefit I have seen since starting is how it makes me feel consistent throughout the day. With my extra time I can focus on doing the things that I want to do.”

Matt Bond


“I started with a trial and went from having a marmite sandwich for lunch to a huge variety of food.”

Pippa Gardner

Wine Merchant

“Diet is super important to me. I get Fresh Fitness Food deliveries everyday, it is so convenient and I have got my food all planned for the day.”

Georgia Fowler


“The time it saves me is really key. Luxury, convenience and it is nutritious.”

Stephen Swarray

Commercial Director

“I have been loving the food, it is so delicious and hassle-free. Plus it feels good putting the right balanced nutrients in my body.”

Ashley Roberts

Singer, Dancer, and Television Personality

“Starting FFF reignited my love for varied and flavoursome foods whilst still ensuring I hit my fitness and body composition goals was one thing but the time I gained back for myself each day rather than faffing around in the kitchen was just totally priceless.”

Joe Corrie

Head of Fitness, Core Collective

“For me personally, I have a very sensitive food allergy and need high carb, high protein meals and working with the FFF team these are always covered. Finally adding body weight and a huge improvement in digestion all with incredible tasting meals!”

Scott Britton

Founder Battle Cancer

“FFF continues to exceed my expectations, constantly delivering high quality and unbelievably tasty food on a weekly basis.”

Tom Bliss

Fitness Instructor

“Using Fresh fitness food is the best decision I ever made. I had never been able to match the variety and flavours you get each day without spending hours in my kitchen. Eating well has never been so easy (and delicious)!”

Courtney Pruce

Fitness Instructor

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