Coming up with a healthy meal plan is hard. Sticking to it? Even harder.

But imagine if you could meet fitness goals with no shopping, no prepping, no cooking and no counting macros – so you have more time to focus on the things that matter.

Sound good? You’re in luck.

89% of our clients confirmed that Fresh Fitness Food has helped them to reach their overall goal. Not only that, 45% saw increased energy levels, 34% saw reduced stress levels. What’s not to like?

Build and order

Choose your goals

Let us know if you want to lose fat, build muscle, gain energy or more – then our qualified nutritionists will crunch the numbers and create a bespoke meal plan for you.

Build and order

Customise your meals

Meals will turn up on your doorstep every single day, ready to eat with no cooking required. Download the mobile app to view your daily menu and track your progress.

Build and order

Tailor as you go

Work with a dedicated nutritionist to ensure that your plan adapts to your changing requirements, and add snacks, juices and smoothies whenever you like. You’re in control.

Our bespoke meal plans vary in cost depending on your specific requirements. The longer you sign up for, the better your daily rate will be. Prices will also vary based on your location, your chosen extras, and the number of meals you require per day – those looking to build muscle might opt for more.

Ordering for 40 days

Basic price per day

  • * 2 Meals
    Per day
  • 3 Meals
    Per day
  • 4 Meals
    Per day
  • 5 Meals
    Per day
  • 6 Meals
    Per day
  • 5

    Days of Plan
  • £20
  • £28
  • £34
  • £39
  • £43
  • 10

    Days of Plan
  • £19
  • £27
  • £33
  • £38
  • £42
  • 20

    Days of Plan
  • £18
  • £26
  • £32
  • £37
  • £41
  • 30/40

    Days of Plan
  • £17
  • £25
  • £31
  • £36
  • £40
  • 60

    Days of Plan
  • £16
  • £24
  • £30
  • £35
  • £39
  • 100/200

    Days of Plan
  • £15
  • £23
  • £29
  • £34
  • £38
* The 2-meal plan requires minimum 2 daily extras to be selected.

  • Prices shown above are for upfront payments. A weekly payment option is also available.

This plan will

save you

56 hours*
in total

*Clients on the service report saving an average of 7 hours time per week. No more time wasted on prepping and cooking, not to mention on supermarket queues and stacks of dirty dishes.

Still not quite sure how it works?

Let one of our nutritionists guide you through the platform and app, showing you how it all works and answering any questions you may have on the service or your nutritional needs.

More than just meals

Level up your plan by adding snacks, juices or smoothies

Hear from those who’ve tried it

Fresh Fitness Food fuel my busy days teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp and keep me energised throughout. Their daily delivery service is truly convenient and gives me precious hours back each week!

Hannah Luck

Barry’s Bootcamp

It only took me a few seconds to consider the fact I was spending 2 hours a day on average sourcing quality protein and nutritious food, plus spending excessive cash on the high street to do this at breakfast, lunch and dinner. FFF was an easy alternative. Once I started it only took a few days for me to see the difference, a few weeks and others saw it too!

Ben Alldis

Private Equity Business Development Associate

When it comes to keeping me on track ahead of holidays and summer socialising, FFF is simply the only option

Heloise Nangle

COO Core Collective

Feed a fitter you

Kick off your personalised plan with a 5 day trial