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Your bespoke meal plan will vary in cost depending on: the number of days you order for (the longer you sign up for, the better the daily rate), the number of meals you select/require, whether you choose to add any snacks, juices or protein shakes, as well as your location.

Ordering for 50 days

Basic price per day

  • 3 Meals
    Per day
  • 4 Meals
    Per day
  • 5 Meals
    Per day
  • 6 Meals
    Per day
  • 5

  • £28
  • £34
  • £39
  • £43
  • 10

  • £27
  • £33
  • £38
  • £42
  • 20

  • £26
  • £32
  • £37
  • £41
  • 30-50

  • £25
  • £31
  • £36
  • £40
  • 60-90

  • £24
  • £30
  • £35
  • £39
  • 100-200

  • £23
  • £29
  • £34
  • £38
  • Office plan (includes 2 meals + snack + juice) is priced the same as a 3-meal plan.
  • Prices shown above are for upfront payments. A weekly payment option is also available.

This plan will

save you

70 hours*
in total

*Clients on the service report on average 7 hours time saved per week. No more planning out meals, trips to the supermarket, cooking or cleaning up!

Want a little extra...

Personalise your plan even further by adding a snack, juice or shake.


Fresh Fitness Food fuel my busy days teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp and keep me energised throughout. Their daily delivery service is truly convenient and gives me precious hours back each week!

Hannah Luck

Barry’s Bootcamp

It only took me a few seconds to consider the fact I was spending 2 hours a day on average sourcing quality protein and nutritious food, plus spending excessive cash on the high street to do this at breakfast, lunch and dinner. FFF was an easy alternative. Once I started it only took a few days for me to see the difference, a few weeks and others saw it too!

Ben Alldis

Private Equity Business Development Associate

When it comes to keeping me on track ahead of holidays and summer socialising, FFF is simply the only option

Heloise Nangle

COO Core Collective

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