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Lean gains plan

When burning fat, increasing lean muscle and getting a more toned and athletic physique is your goal, you’ll find the Lean Gains meal plan the perfect aid. You’ll be supplied with the right proportions of protein, carbs, and fat to improve your body composition, whilst giving you the energy you need to fuel your training.

How it works

  1. Create your profile - tell us your height, weight, age, and exercise frequency and we will recommend a set of daily calories that align to your goal.
  2. Tell us your nutrition preference - choose from one of the available options (balanced, low carb, plant-based, pescatarian or flexitarian).
  3. We work out the best nutritional plan for you, and your daily nutritional needs are portioned into meals to keep you fuelled throughout the day.
  4. Delivered daily from £26 per day

Ideal package for:

  • Men & women looking to maintain lean muscle and lose body fat
  • Maintaining a lean, toned physique
  • Active individuals needing to fuel their workouts
  • Sustaining a consistent diet that will boost energy levels alongside your training


  • 10% calorie deficit
  • Choose your own nutrition preference
  • High protein to build and repair muscle
  • Adequate carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, without compromising your goal to stay lean
  • Slight calorie deficit to promote fat loss without compromising lean muscle mass

All FFF meals are:

  • Nutritionally balanced with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Made using wholefood ingredients
  • Freshly prepared by an expert team of chefs the day before delivery

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