The team

Driven by a passion for fresh produce and delivering the very best product for our clients. Trained in Michelin Starred kitchens and Goldman Sachs 10k Businesses Management Course, Saïd Business School. Values transparency, efficiency and employee success.

Caspar is a Switchback and London Soup Kitchen Ambassador. He embodies the Fresh Fitness Food brand.

Caspar Rose

Chief Executive Officer

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Thomas is obsessed with the science of running a high performing business - operations management.

Thomas has over 9 years of experience covering FMCG food production, supply chain and food safety, as well as energy and environmental engineering. Thomas has a B.Sc in Commerce, with a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma and has also been trained in the Theory of Constraints - Logical Thinking processes.

Nat Hockings

Chief Operating Officer

Emma has experience leading strategic projects with qualifications in technical project management from Oxford Business School and a BSc in Nutrition and Physiology. She values science backed, no fad nutrition and her deep understanding of the problems, needs, and desires of our clients drives the decisions for the company's new tech developments.

Being part of a growing food-tech business is the perfect way to utilise her professional skills and personal passion for health and wellness.

Emma Rose

Chief Product Officer

Sophie set out studying Psychology at Edinburgh University, before choosing to continue to study, this time Nutrition, back home in London. Combining the two fields, Sophie has developed a passion for the powerful effect nutrition can have on not only our physical health but our mental health too.

Non-stop city life can mean many of us don’t have the time to cook or make the healthy choices we deserve. Given this, Sophie believes it is instrumental to make healthy food more accessible to those with busy working lives.

Sophie Dillon

Head of Nutrition

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, with a degree in Communication, Madeleine specialises in Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy. Her passion for health is what has led to 6 years of experience working in the health, wellness and fitness sector.

Madeleines’ focus at Fresh Fitness Food is to inspire others to build and live healthy lifestyles through bespoke nutrition.

Madeleine Turner

Head of Marketing

Gabby leads the sales team at Fresh Fitness Food. With a background in Business and Marketing Management, Gabby combines her expertise with a deep-rooted passion for fitness and nutrition. From a young age, she immersed herself in sports and now embraces her role within the thriving fitness community.

As a dedicated team member, Gabby is committed to empowering individuals by showcasing the incredible impact of a healthy diet and helping them achieve their best selves. With her dynamic energy and industry knowledge, she helps the team deliver support to our partners.

Gabby Doughty

Head of Business Development

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