The Team


Caspar Rose


Caspar comes from a strong culinary back ground, driven by speed, hard work and excellence. He started his career as a chef and has worked in several michelin-starred restaurants. His key focus is to lead by example across the board. He embodies the Fresh Fitness Food brand.

Tom Pietrzak

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas brings his broad experience in the Australian supermarket supply chain operations, as well as B2B Marketing.

Driven by quality, efficiency, and delicious food, Thomas is passionate about science, innovation and disruptive industries. He ensures the gears of the FFF machine mesh together in perfect harmony – every day.

James Colclough

Sales Director

James originates from a small town just outside Leeds where he developed a keen interest in sport, his main sport being rugby, he also has a huge passion for fitness and loves to train. He believes in a science backed approach to nutrition and wants to help as many people as possible to improve their lives through eating an improved diet. Getting the word out about FFF in London is the perfect role for him!

Andy Slater

Executive Chef

Andy brings over 10 years of catering experience to the FFF kitchen, most of which comes from fine dining restaurants in the UK and Australia. He holds a degree in public health and nutrition from Sheffield Hallam University.

Andy’s favourite Fresh fitness food meal is Venison Adana with Kimchi and fresh apple. In his spare time, Andy competes in fitness competitions.

Sophie Dillon


Sophie is part of Fresh Fitness Food’s Nutrition Team. Her greatest passion lies in finding the best and most sustainable way to live.

"Non-stop city life can mean many of us don’t have the time to cook or make the healthy choices our bodies deserve. Given this, I believe it is instrumental to make healthy food more accessible to those with busy working lives."

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