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Why Moe Sbihi chooses FFF

“Being the first practising muslim in gb rowing is an incredible privilege and I hope I will inspire the younger generations. But balancing my faith alongside my training and nutrition can be challenging. With the 2016 olympics round the corner every day matters. Both my training and nutrition need to be considered.

I need to make sure I get the right nutrition every day to fuel my workouts. And, of course, everything I eat has to agree with my religious beliefs. But preparing food that ticks all of these boxes takes time. Time that I simply do not have given my commitments.

Fresh Fitness Food are the perfect solution. They provide food that is 100% personalised, not only to my nutritional requirements but also to my lifestyle, tastes and religious needs.”

Moe Sbihi

Rower & 3 x World Championship Gold Medallist

Olympics Moe competed as part of the British crew taking the bronze medal in the men’s eight. He is looking forward to competing at the Rio 2016 Olympics and hopes to achieve his dream of returning to the UK with a gold medal.

Moe’s nutrition requirements are critical to his continued success. Moe is able to perform at his best when using Fresh Fitness Food’s Fat Loss package.

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