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Committed to our community

We are all about building healthy bodies, healthy communities and a healthy planet

Our company priorities

Reducing food waste and scarcity

Promoting equal opportunities

Working towards sustainability

Real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.

-Sir David Attenborough

What steps are we taking?

Here are just a few of the everyday actions we undertake to make sure that, when it comes to our priorities, we’re a company that doesn’t just talk the talk.

Reducing food waste

Our personalised nutrition algorithm LAVO brings our food waste percentage down to 1.7%, compared to the 25% average produced by households.

Combating food scarcity

Any excess food from our production is turned into nutritious meals and redistributed to vulnerable people across London via our Partner charities Age UK, The London Soup Kitchen and Fareshare.

Supporting the supply chain

We support local producers through sustainable supply chains, with 30% of our protein sources coming from the transparency-first Collective Food initiative.

Using biodegradable packaging

We use innovative, eco-friendly packaging, made from 90% raw materials that are biodegradable, recyclable and fully sustainable.

Creating inclusive opportunities

We take equality and diversity in the workplace seriously. That’s why we aim to provide a discrimination-free working environment, to help all of our team members feel respected and valued, and to ensure that all employment decisions are taken without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria.

Tackling Obesity

According to NHS data, obesity has overtaken both smoking and drinking to become the UK’s greatest premature killer – but we in the food industry can help to change that. At Fresh Fitness Food, we aim to tackle obesity through a two-tiered approach: prevention and management.

We use personalised nutrition and ongoing support to help customers make gradual, sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.

That’s why a 2020 survey showed that 89% of clients who stuck to our Fat Loss plan for 30 days or more reached their overall fat loss goal or target weight.

Our Partnerships


Switchback states that 48% of prison-leavers re-offend and return to the system within one year of release, while 83% of prison leavers are unable to find work within a year of being released. That’s why we’re proud to be part of the FreshStart programme.

Through our partnerships with Switchback and Only Connect we’ve supported young prison leavers to navigate their careers and become active and engaged members of society. During an in-house programme designed to instil the three pillars of career success as we see it (a network, work ethic and skills), our apprentices spend one month in each company department, learning knowledge and skills from experts within their field, helping to build them into a well-rounded and experienced employee.

At the end of the year, each apprentice has the opportunity to apply for a full-time role within the company. By taking action to reduce reoffending, homelessness, and discrimination, we hope to help transform the lives of those from marginalised communities.

Age UK

In an effort to reduce food scarcity among those less able to buy nutritious food for themselves, we partnered with Age UK on our first ever Frozen Meal range. Now, we’re committed to regularly donating healthy meals from the range to those who may not otherwise have access.

As part of our drive to build a community who cares, we also encourage our clients to support our efforts by donating a meal to Age UK with every Shop Range purchase they make.

River Restoration

Our partners at Thames21 are all about putting healthy rivers back at the heart of everyday life. Thames21 improves and restores rivers, educates and empowers the community and campaigns for positive change for the good of people and the environment.

We’ve pledged to reduce our plastic use, and to support Thames21 through yearly team volunteer days picking up litter from heavily polluted sections of our beloved river Thames. We’re also champions of the Thames21 #BlueForRivers Campaign.

The Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is a resource for the homeless, elderly, lonely, and vulnerable in London. They provide free meals, clothing, toiletries, and a sense of belonging to over 100 friends each day, and recently launched Europe’s first on-site mental health drop-in centre within a soup kitchen to address their guests' mental health needs.

Since March 2019, we’ve been providing The Soup Kitchen with nutritious and delicious meals, which are served in a safe and warm environment welcome to everyone.

Animal Welfare Policy

We are committed to operating in a sustainable, responsible manner. We strive to improve animal welfare standards within the business and our suppliers, based on the Five Freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

We source locally grown food wherever possible, and use grass-fed beef, free-range eggs and sustainably sourced fish.

The Better Chicken Commitment - we are committed to improving chicken welfare standards and have signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC), thereby committing to meet or exceed the standards set out in the BCC by 2026 for 100% of the chicken in our UK supply chain.