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How it works

Our bespoke, time-saving meal plans are designed by top nutritionists and tailored to the unique health and fitness goals of people just like you.

In fact, 89% of our clients confirmed that Fresh Fitness Food has helped them to reach their overall goal, whether that’s losing stubborn body fat or building muscle.

Sign up now and have nourishing meals delivered straight to your door, ready to eat – so you’ll never need to worry about cooking, counting macros or cleaning dirty dishes.


Choose your fitness goal

Looking to reduce body fat? Build lean muscle? Feel healthier or more energised? Input your health metrics, your food preferences and your key fitness goal, then our whip-smart nutritionists will help you make it happen.


Our nutritionists design your plan

Using industry-leading analytics and advice from qualified food scientists, we’ll create a bespoke meal plan unique to your caloric needs, macro requirements and – of course – the foods you love to eat.


Expert chefs prepare your food

Using fresh, seasonal produce and recipes designed by a Michelin star trained menu consultant, we make meals filled with genuine flavour and fitness benefits. No prep required on your end, so all you have to do is pick up a fork and enjoy.


We deliver, you eat

Food is delivered straight to your doorstep daily, saving you hours every week in planning, shopping, and cooking time. Customise delivery dates, change your plan whenever you like, and pause or restart anytime. You’re in control.


Use the app to log your progress

Track your health journey using our mobile app. As a client you can view your daily menu and log your meals - as well as anything you are eating on top of your meals, and sync fitness and exercise data from your smartwatch. You’ll also have access to exercise, nutrition and meditation content from London’s top coaches in the Wellness Centre.

Meals to suit you

Bespoke plans built around your preferences.

Delivered daily

Daily doorstep deliveries within the M25.

Flexible plans

Order from 5 days to 200 days.

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Why clients love Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food takes the stress of shopping, cooking and preparing food away from my busy working week. Waking up every morning to freshly prepared, healthy meals, delivered to my door, means that I am fuelled in the best possible way for the duration of my day and keeps me away from making unhealthy and poor food choices!

Emma Kirk


Fresh Fitness Food is my ‘go to’ solution when I am getting serious about my shape. I can always trust them to keep my diet exciting, delicious and precise. There is no other company that I would trust to get me in shape for photoshoots.

Louis Rennocks

The Boxx Method

Running 125 miles a week calls for some serious focus to ensure I’m taking on the right fuel, and recovering in the most efficient way possible. Fresh Fitness Food has really helped me to achieve my goals and keep me in best shape possible to race (and win!) regulary. As a full time athlete my nutrition is so important and Fresh Fitness Food covers everything I could possibly need. Did I mention it also tastes great?

Tom Evans

GB Ultra Running Athlete

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