Corporate health

Improving employee well-being

Why FFF?

Fresh Fitness Food specialises in corporate nutrition and employee well-being. We create targeted, bespoke well being programmes and combine these with ongoing support and a premium meal delivery service offering fresh quality food delivered daily to your office.

Our goal is to help transform your business by offering a cost effective solution focused on improving employee health, energy levels and productivity, whilst also reducing absenteeism.

Our industry leading personalised meal delivery service also presents businesses the opportunity to offer employees a subsidised benefit and remove the need for reimbursement of costly restaurant expenses.

The cost of unhealthy

Absenteeism: the cost of employee absence

£28.8 billion annual cost to the UK economy of sickness related absence
- PWC -
97 million working days are lost each year due to poor eating habits
- Business In The Community -
£600 average annual cost of sickness per employee
- CIPD -
27% arrow_downward
absenteeism is 27% lower amongst employees who eat healthy and exercise regularly
- Brigham Young University -

Presenteeism: the cost of not performing optimally

Employees with an unhealthy diet are 66% more likely to report loss of productivity
- Brigham Young University -
48% of employees feel that their employer does not care about their health and wellbeing leading them to feel less motivated
- Investors in People -
25% arrow_upward
Employees who eat healthily all day long are 25% more likely to have higher job performance
- Brigham Young University -

With FFF

Bespoke nutrition delivered daily to your office

Personalised nutrition

A range of delicious, healthy food designed to improve the health, happiness and productivity of your employees.
  • Nutritionist designed
  • plans High quality and chef-prepared
  • Personalised plans
  • Convenient daily delivery
  • Designed around your budget

Wellness program tailored to your business

Wellness programme

A bespoke programme tailored to your employees’ nutritional needs and the brand values, commercial priorities and budget of your business.
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • 1-2-1 consultations
  • On-going nutritionist support
  • Designed around your budget

Increased employee energy and productivity

Corporate catering

Whether it is a one off event, a regular team meeting or daily lunches, FFF can supply a range of healthy meals and snacks for your office.
  • Nutritionist designed meals
  • High quality and chef-prepared
  • A menu that changes daily
  • Flexible ordering options
  • Designed around your budget

Making the link between quality nutrition and the way you function is absolutely critical, yet so many busy professionals struggle to find the appropriate food options, struggle for time or simply don’t enjoy making their own food. This is where Fresh Fitness Food provides a great addition to your daily routine.

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